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1000 TV SHOWS!

WORLD MEDIA EMPIRE INC (Celebrity Entertainment):  We are a celebrity-based entertainment conglomerate.  We own 100% of our content.  We create, produce, edit, and distribute 100% of our 1000 original different TV Shows and Series.   We have TV shows that target every demographic in the world.  We are a leading independent production company focused on premium celebrity content creation for film, television, digital and mobile distribution.  We create a variety of content and TV Series in Celebrity Entertainment, Entertainment for Mom and Parents, Business Entertainment, Sports Entertainment, Kids Entertainment, Music Entertainment, and Film Entertainment.  We also are geared for streaming, and On Demand, for every demographic in the world.  We have worked closely with such companies such as MTV, FOX TV, NBC UNIVERSAL and others from around the world!


We have our own (Celebrity Social Media Eco System) for Brands, Ad Agencies, Events, and Businesses to advertise in delivering 300 million in Celebrity Social Media to business Advertisers, and Ad Agencies.  With and average of 30 celebrities per monthly shows and over 10 million social media followers for each celebrity we have one of the most prolific eco systems for advertisers, streaming, On Demand, and media buyers in the world.  


30 celebrities per month X 10 Million Social Media each celebrity = 300 Million monthly Social Media followers!

We distribute to global audiences through our celebrity’s social media platforms, sponsored television broadcasts, such as FOX TV, and NBC Universal Channels, cable networks, film, digital and mobile platforms.  We have one of the largest libraries of original celebrity content which is available for licensing and distribution throughout the world.  Most of our content is not showcased on this website but is available through private inquiry for Streaming, On Demand, platform integration, and licensing.  We have personal relationships with all our celebrities!


We have both short and long form  broadcast quality content ready to air with new content being filmed daily

We are open to expansions, partnerships, and investments with our companies!!


We have over 25 interested advertisers from McDonald’s, to Samsung, to Walmart and many others!